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In recent years, many mainland people go to Hong Kong to buy insurance. What are the advantages of Hong Kong insurance?

June 11, 2020

When it comes to buying insurance in Hong Kong, I would like to talk about my own views. Any product has its advantages and disadvantages, but we need to find out the advantages and disadvantages of Hong Kong Insurance and make a comprehensive analysis of whether it is suitable for us to buy insurance.

The first is that the premium is cheap. The premium level involves many factors, among which the predetermined interest rate plays a very obvious role. Due to the longer life expectancy in Hong Kong, the mortality rate and the incidence of serious illness insurance will be lower than that in the mainland. Therefore, the premium of insurance in Hong Kong will be slightly lower than that in the mainland.

The second is that the claims of some diseases are broad. Each company in Hong Kong can define its own disease definition and compensation conditions, so there will naturally be some diseases with loose compensation. However, it is obviously not appropriate to say that Hong Kong insurance is easier to settle claims than mainland insurance.

The third is that Hong Kong’s insurance products carry their own dividends. The investment environment and mode of Hong Kong insurance is more mature than that of the mainland, so the performance of insurance policies in dividend field is better than that of mainland insurance, which is one of its advantages. Although dividends are not guaranteed, they are usually there.

The fourth is the advantage of currency. Hong Kong policy is a US dollar policy. If you trust the US dollar market, then the US dollar policy is definitely one of the advantages. In a short period of time, the mainland policy can’t compete with it.

Finally, the compensation policy of strict in and wide out. Hong Kong Insurance adheres to the policy of strict in and wide out. As long as users sign the insurance contract, Hong Kong insurance claims will be relatively smooth, and as long as relevant information is submitted, claims can be timely obtained.

Both Hong Kong Insurance and mainland insurance have advantages and disadvantages. For the policyholders, the best one is the one that suits them.

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