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What are the number of foreign exchange traders?

June 17, 2020

The number of traders is the number of orders made by traders. One standard hand in online foreign exchange transactions represents 100000 base currencies, 0.1 hand represents 10000 base currencies, and 0.01 hand represents 1000 currency units. Due to different currency values and real-time changes in exchange rates, the margin will increase or decrease at any time. Therefore, investors need to calculate the amount of money required for different trading hands according to the size of trading leverage and specific currency pairs. For example, if your base currency is U.S. dollars, it stands for 100000 U.S. dollars. If your base currency is euros, it stands for 100000 euros.

Some foreign exchange platforms need to do the lowest hand, and some platforms can be lower. At present, the lowest number of hands on most online foreign exchange trading platforms is 0.01. For example, the minimum number of trading hands of giant foreign exchange ggfx is 0.01 standard hands. Through leverage, investors can trade at least $8.

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