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How to make technical analysis for gold trading investors?

June 17, 2020

In gold trading, investors should not only have accurate information sources, but also master the favorable weapon of technical analysis. Technical analysis originated from statistics, which can help us to find the best intervention price in the market. It complements the basic analysis and is an indispensable analysis tool.

Technical analysis is based on the daily price fluctuations in the market, including the daily opening price, closing price, highest price, lowest price, trading volume and other digital data, which are expressed through charts, so as to predict the future price trend. Every analytical method is not perfect. We can neither rely too much on technical analysis nor lean to basic analysis. In theory, after the basic analysis, we can use technical analysis to catch the rising and falling waves of every gold market, buy low and sell high, so as to earn more profits. Moreover, technical analysis is an objective analysis method based on mathematical statistical equation, which has strong logicality. It filters the subjective opinions of investors, which is much more stable than analysts relying on personal feelings.

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