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Ten skills of short term operation of foreign exchange trading

September 9, 2020

The definition and technical points of “attack critical point”. When attacking the neck line position with individual volume, the attack volume can be effectively enlarged, but the breakthrough of neckline position is still less than 3%, which is the best buying point for short line.

The definition and technical key points of “increasing the stack capacity up and down”. Individual exchange is on the way of rising. When its trading volume can not be continuously enlarged, it will achieve the purpose of exceeding the maximum volume of the previous high point by accumulating the volume for several consecutive days in a small price range, forming a persistent upward channel with the maximum peak volume gradually decreasing, and it is strongly supported by the 13, 34, 55 day moving average system parallel up. The down track of the ascending channel is also the zero deviation position of the 13 day moving average, which is the best point for short and middle line warehouse entry.

The definition and technical points of “pulling onion on dry land”. Individual exchange after a continuous decline or callback, when the rebound or reversal of the first positive line is the limit board or more than 9 big positive lines, the future market often has more than 10% of the rise space, the first positive line limit price attachment is the best short-term point of entry.

The definition and technical points of “small positive discharge stagnant”. When the exchange continuously large-scale upward attack, only receive the continuous cross small Yang line, which is the performance of the strong bull attack blocked. After the contraction, there will be a wave of opportunities to continue to attack the new high. When the large volume of the contraction callback, this is the best short-term entry point.

The definition and technical points of “light boat crossing the Wanzhong mountain”. Individual exchange rate rises from a periodic low point. When the cumulative increase is small, it can break through effectively and stand firm with a hand rate of less than 3%. After the annual line (233 day average), the position of blocking the annual line is the best position for short-term medium-term position.

The definition and technical points of “the end of a short strong cabal”. When the 13 day moving average of stock price reaches – 20%, it is the best entry point for short-term.

The definition of “bear cover” and its technical points. Individual exchange rate in the moving average appeared under the back pressure, with the decline close to the lowest point, pull up appeared, more and more down and enlarged trading volume accompanied by a smaller and smaller negative line. When there is a shrinking positive line covering the last one and also the largest trading volume of the negative line, the highest point of the contraction positive line is the best short-term position.

The definition and technical points of “gold buying point”. Individual exchange rose continuously from the lowest point in the medium term in the continuous positive line (mixed with one or two small negative lines at most). When the cumulative increase reached more than 30%, it fell back to the first wave of 0.382, 0.5, 0.618 golden section. It is the best short-term point to enter positions. We can buy them in batches.

The definition and technical points of “false shade line”. After closing a trading limit board, when the next day’s trading volume continues to exceed the rising volume and can attack the important technical pressure level, the closing is blocked and falls back. It only receives a small cross line with a long upper shadow line rising at about a point. This is the main force’s strong performance of long resistance. The next day, it will continue to attack, and the closing price of the cross Yin line is the best short-term point.

The definition and technical points of “neck line position exceeding”. When its enlarged trading volume has exceeded the maximum volume of the previous several neckline high points, but the stock price has not yet broken through the neck line position, it is the best short-term entry point when it shrinks under the neck line.

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