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What are the problems of married immigrants in Australia?

March 10, 2021

Australia is a big country of immigrants. In addition to skilled immigrants, employer guaranteed immigrants and business investment immigrants, many people may immigrate through marriage. However, many people don’t know much about it because they need many conditions to immigrate to Australia if they want to get married. Therefore, today I would like to briefly share the relevant issues about marriage and immigration to Australia (take marriage and cohabitation as an example):

The applicant should be guaranteed by the guarantor continuously. Holding a spouse’s temporary residence visa. He still maintains a relationship with the guarantor and has applied for a temporary residence visa two years ago. If the relationship with the guarantor is terminated due to domestic violence or the death of the guarantor, the applicant can still obtain a permanent residence visa.

The related questions are as follows:

Q1: Does the guarantor need to provide financial guarantee? Not always. First of all, as the spouse of the applicant, the guarantor has the obligation to ensure that the living expenses of the applicant in Australia for the first two years will not have any problems. However, the immigration bureau does not necessarily require the guarantor to issue a financial guarantee certificate. If the immigration bureau considers it necessary to issue a financial guarantee certificate, the spouse of the guarantor does not have to act as a financial guarantor, but can hire another person to play this role. In this case, if the applicant receives the social welfare payment in the first two years in Australia, the economic guarantor has the legal responsibility to repay the amount.

Q2: Do you need financial guarantee? The type of marriage immigrant visa in Australia is based on the employment status of the person in Australia PR to decide whether the financial guarantee is needed. The Australian Bureau of immigration requires the spouse in Australia to have employment records in the past two years, and then the financial guarantee can be exempted. But if not, the Immigration Department will judge according to the ability of the two people and may need financial guarantee.

Q3: Can I apply with my child? Yes, as long as the child is under 18 years old, unmarried, financially, emotionally dependent on the applicant, and will not violate the custody of another parent of the child.

Q4: Can I apply for spouse immigration if my previous marriage relationship is not settled? Sure. Marriage certificate is not the approval standard of spouse immigration visa.

Q5: Do spouses need to be interviewed? Be on the cards. If the immigration department finds it necessary to confirm whether the relationship is real (and lasting), it will arrange time to inform both parties to attend the interview. By questioning two people separately, we can obtain their relationship, family, daily life and intimacy, and then confirm their relationship with each other. Can aq6 skip the two-year waiting period? sure. However, it must meet the strict exemption conditions for the temporary residence waiting period, that is, the applicant has lived with the guarantor for more than five years, or has conceived children before the two-year waiting period.

Q6: Can we skip two years of temporary residence? Sure. However, it must meet the strict temporary residence waiting period exemption conditions, that is, the applicant has lived with the guarantor for more than three years, or more than two years, and has one child.

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