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How can I apply for a visa if there are students from my family studying in Japan?

June 11, 2020

Japan’s visa is anti visa. Students are required to submit information to the school, which then sends it to Japan’s Entry Administration for application. Apply to stay in the qualification, then go to the Japanese Embassy to apply for a visa. Therefore, the Department that mainly deals with student information is the Japanese entry administration. Students generally do not need to see visa officers, which avoids many troubles.

However, due to the fact that there is no need to sign in person, the admission authority is very strict in the examination of the information of international students, and generally fails to pass any defective or questionable information. So we must be careful when handling materials. Due to the large number of enrollment materials in Japan and the meticulous examination, it is suggested that students should entrust professionals to apply for visas, so as to greatly improve the success rate.

Compared with other countries, Japanese tuition is relatively low. The annual cost of a general language school is between 600000 and 750000 yen. The annual cost of public institutions in universities and colleges is between 700000-800000 yen (excluding medicine and pharmacy). Private universities are a little more expensive, with a yearly cost of 800000-1.2 million yen (excluding medicine and pharmacy). The tuition fees for short-term universities and specialized schools are about 800000-120 yen a year.

There is a big regional difference in the cost of accommodation. Tokyo and other big cities have higher cost. It takes 20000-40000 yen to stay for one month. A city in a remote area will be much cheaper, maybe only 1 / 2 or 1 / 3 of Tokyo.

The cost of living in Japan is relatively high. Take Tokyo as an example, its price level can reach about five times that of some cities in China. Chinese students who normally live in Japan need at least 20000-30000 yen a month (equivalent to 1500-2500 yen).

Japan is a country that offers a large number of scholarships to self funded students. Japan’s Ministry of Arts and Sciences, local public organizations, and civil society all provide scholarships for overseas students, who can apply at school. In addition, the Japan International Education Association has different tuition assistance systems for foreigners and self funded international students studying formal courses in various private universities in Japan, and the tuition fee can be reduced at most according to their achievements.

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