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Three main aspects to consider when choosing overseas travel insurance

June 11, 2020

The guarantee period shall cover the whole journey. The guarantee period of overseas travel insurance must cover the whole trip, preferably one day more than the trip, so as to avoid the vacuum guarantee caused by the delay of the trip. According to the number of travel days, the insurance period should preferably be equal to or greater than the travel period. Generally, the insurance period starts from 0:00 of one day and ends at 24:00 of one day.

Choose your own insurance. There are many types of overseas travel insurance. The policyholder doesn’t have to choose every one, but should choose the one that suits him according to his own needs. What needs to be emphasized is the international rescue service, mainly through the 24-hour multilingual rescue hotline, which includes services such as transporting the insured to the hospital, providing medical information arrangement, paying medical expenses in advance in hospital, instructing the nearest embassy, etc., which is still very practical for the tourists who come overseas at the beginning.

The amount of insurance shall be reasonable. The amount of insurance should also be reasonable. A reasonable amount of insurance can be determined by combining the travel days and the consumption level of the destination. In addition, some countries also have clear regulations, for example, Italy, France and other European countries need more than 30000 euros of medical insurance coverage to meet the requirements.

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